Future Series FU.SE 2020

FU.SE Digital is a virtual event which brings together c-level executives, thought leaders, experts and innovators.

Imagine talking to someone 20 years ago, could they have predicted the way we work today? Likely not. And how about 20 years from now? It’s time to come together and build the future of work together!

As the world is going through unprecedented transformation accelerated by COVID19, the importance of a global dialogue on the future of work is vital for defining the key challenges caused by the workforce transformation, and together find solutions for the toughest problems to build a sustainable and inclusive future of work.

Following the inaugural meeting of FU.SE community in Milan in 2019, FU.SE becomes a fully digital event in 2020 with a 24-hour digital design sprint across geographies and time zones aiming to design practical solutions for skills mismatch, digital transformation and transitioning into a new world of humans and machines collaboration.