Welcome to Insights Magazine Volume 4

Welcome back to Insights Magazine. In our fourth issue of the magazine, we’re talking about sustainability. When many people think of sustainability, they think about recycling, climate change, and emissions, all accurate associations. But in the context of the world of work, we’re discussing sustainability with a greater scope: climate change, the Green Transition, and sustainable employment.

In this issue, our SVP Sustainability & ESG at the Adecco Group, Karin Reiter, makes the case for putting people at the centre of the sustainable transition. Plus, a conversation with Holcim’s Chief Sustainability Officer, the ways sabbaticals can help fight burnout, our collaborative research with the Economist and sustainable employment, and how a four-day work week can improve wellbeing.

We’d love to hear from you and welcome your feedback and suggestions for future issues. Shoot me an email: mara.stefan@adeccogroup.com

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-Mara Stefan, Editor of Insights Magazine

C-Suite Voice

Sustainability is top of mind for many people these days – and for good reason. The challenge is that many still most often associate it with environmental responsibility alone. But sustainability is multi-facetted and extends to social considerations, as well as good economic management and corporate governance.

“It’s time to fundamentally rethink our decision-making, product and process design as leaders and put people squarely at the heart of the sustainability transformation. To ensure a just transition in every respect, we need a humanity-centred lens to sustainability.”
Karin Reiter
SVP Sustainability & ESG at the Adecco Group.

Latest Future of Work Conversation

Invest in upskilling but new skills is not everything

“Most people are very proud to work for a company that is trying to do something for the planet and I'm working for a company that is transforming the way we build to make the world better. So overall, I think we really got a lot of positive answers from people because we were giving them the answers they needed,” said Magali Anderson, Chief Sustainability and Innovation officer at Holcim.

Top 5 Trends

#1. Airbnb’s permanent work from anywhere policy is drawing top talent.

#2. Gender parity will take 132 years, new research shows.

#3. Burnout? Ha. Enter the era of “slow work.”

#4. The push for cleaner shipping.

#5. EU backs 40% renewables goal by 2030.