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Welcome back to Insights Magazine. In our third issue of the magazine, we’re talking about women in the workforce. More than two years after the pandemic started, women are returning to their careers at much slower rates than expected. On top of that, women are more burned out than in recent years. So how can we encourage women to jump back into the workforce?

In this issue, our Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Valerie Beaulieu makes the argument for seriously and imaginatively addressing the often-prohibitive costs of childcare and elder care so we can prevent a lost generation of women at work. Plus, stories on female careers in space, navigating neurodiversity in the workforce, and crafting your career and life as a female leader.

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Mara Stefan, Editor of Insights Magazine


C-Suite Voice

The Great Rethink. Employees leaving their jobs in record numbers. Automation displacing human workers in ways unimagined a few years ago. Welcome to 2022. Some call it a challenging time for the Human Resources field. I prefer to see it as a year of unprecedented opportunity. Now more than ever, your organization requires your leadership to attract and retain top talent..

“Societies need to think much more seriously and imaginatively about how to address the often-prohibitive costs of childcare and elder care.”
Valerie Beaulieu
Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, The Adecco Group

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