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Welcome back to Insights Magazine. Before we introduce the newest issue of our magazine, we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the events unfolding across the world. As the situation in Ukraine escalates, our immediate thoughts and concerns are with our colleagues and associates who have family and friends in the region. In light of the unfolding humanitarian crisis, we have established a core crisis team who are analysing how we can best direct our resources.

In this second issue, put together before the Ukrainian crisis, we’re examining the future role of the Chief Human Resources Officer, or CHRO. This role has become increasingly important, especially as workers around the world face unprecedented challenges both in the office and at home. Over the course of the pandemic, the role of the CHRO shifted in a unique way: In many organizations, The CHRO title is becoming the CPO, or Chief People Officer. How can leaders like the CPO help support employees to do their best work while also managing the shifting world of work and even supporting the increase in employee wellbeing programs?

Chief People Officers are seeing a transformation of their role. In this issue, we’re laying out some key trends for HR professionals in the coming months, the value of bringing emotions into the hiring process, the power of data and technology in people management, and more.

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Mara Stefan, Editor of Insights Magazine


C-Suite Voice

The Great Rethink. Employees leaving their jobs in record numbers. Automation displacing human workers in ways unimagined a few years ago. Welcome to 2022. Some call it a challenging time for the Human Resources field. I prefer to see it as a year of unprecedented opportunity. Now more than ever, your organization requires your leadership to attract and retain top talent..

“Investing in a diverse and inclusive culture is no longer an ask, it is an established expectation.”
Jalie Cohen
Group SVP Human Resources, The Adecco Group Americas

Latest Future of Work Conversation

Three Key Elements Set To Change In The Future Of HR

In Conversation With David Henderson, former CHRO Zurich Insurance Group. We talked about the importance of digital upskilling, understanding the role of artificial intelligence in your organization, and using data and analytics to drive human resources.

Top 5 Trends

#1. Sabbaticals are on the rise.

#2. “Bleisure” is here.

#3. Companies rethink bereavement policies.

#4. Companies need to manage remote work or risk burnout, WHO warns

#5. Your next job interview could be with a robot.