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The world has begun to transition beyond the initial honeymoon phase of the AI revolution. With that shift, companies and individuals alike find themselves navigating the challenges of swift technology adoption. Removing barriers to Generative AI technology and training resources is imperative as we move forward. Urgent deployment of reskilling and upskilling measures, coupled with the promotion of transferable skills and mobility, are vital components to matching individual skills with jobs of the future.


At the World Economic Forum meeting, we are exploring critical questions addressing sweeping changes in the world of work. Are companies ready for such transformative change? Do they have the leadership skills, support systems, and right framework to make informed decisions? Are these frameworks in place, to ensure employee skills are consistently updated? And do companies have safeguards in place to ensure responsible and ethical AI use?



To make the future work for everyone, we must focus on:


The shift from a job-based economy to a skills-based one is unfolding faster than anyone could have expected.
Empowering, equipping and incentivising workers to reskill and upskill for jobs of the future is critical to address talent shortages and ensure a sustainable future of work.


Access to diverse and flexible forms of work, coupled with social protection measures and inclusive work practices, are integral to ensuring everyone can reach their full potential. This helps build a world of work where no one is left behind. 


A human-centric workforce and responsible skills planning are key to building organizational change. This helps build people resilience in the face of disruption.   


Innovation and technological progress are transforming every industry. To ensure sustainable growth, it is crucial that this transformation is powered by the right people with the right skills.

Our focus in Davos

Closing the GenAI skills and access gap: putting people at the centre for a sustainable future of work

AI use is widespread: 70% of workers globally already use GenAI. However, barriers still exist to equal access and significant training gaps remain. Our vision is to enable all individuals to maintain their skills currency and employability in the era of GenAI, while helping organisations accelerate its adoption responsibly.


Supporting Leadership, and the rising importance of human skills to rebuild trust

The world of work is going through a profound transformation, one that puts more pressure on managers and leaders than ever before. Employers need to rebuild trust with employees and society. Leaders play a crucial role in rebuilding that trust. Supporting leaders’ human skills development is key to help people and organisations navigate change.  

Live sessions

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Denis Machuel
CEO of the Adecco Group
January 16, 10:15 h CET 
Watch here
Valérie Beaulieu
CSMO of The Adecco Group
Redefining the Future of Flexible Work
January 16, 11:30 h CET
Equality Lounge
Watch here
Denis Machuel
CEO of the Adecco Group
WEF panel; “The Race to Reskill” 
January 17, 13:15 h CET 
Livestreamed on the Forum website 
Watch here
Valérie Beaulieu
CSMO of The Adecco Group
The Impact and Opportunity of AI
January 17, 16:00 h CET 
Wipro Lounge, with Penta
Watch here
Christophe Catoir
President of Adecco
Press Conference, The Business Case for Disability Representation
January 17, 18:15
Livestreamed on the Forum Website
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Jan Gupta
President of Akkodis
Switzerland & India: Excellence in Innovation Management & Manufacturing
January 17, 17:00
Tamil Nadu Lounge
Watch here

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Denis Machuel, CEO, The Adecco Group

Closing the GenAI skills and access gap; fostering a sustainable future of work; supporting leaders in navigating change

Valérie Beaulieu, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, The Adecco Group

Diversity and inclusion; Women at work; Women in tech; Addressing talent scarcity; Closing the GenAI skills and access gap.

Christophe Catoir, President Adecco

Inclusion: Building employability; Responsible employers; Addressing talent scarcity.

Jan Gupta, President Akkodis

Game changing technologies; New tech transforming the future of work; Tech, culture and people.

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