Is flexible working the new 9-5?

Is flexible working the new 9-5?

Governments, society and companies must support the growing number of people embracing flexible working in the gig economy: a post by the Adecco Group's CEO Alain Dehaze

In the world of work, disruption can be daunting, but it also represents great opportunity. Flexible working is disrupting the very nature of work. For me, it’s an opportunity we cannot afford to miss.

Flexible working used to be seen as a last resort for those out of full-time work. Those days are gone. Flexible working is fast becoming a desirable pathway for more and more people and companies. For many young to late career professionals, independent working feels more beneficial than direct employment.

We have conducted global research with LinkedIn as part of a white paper on flexible working, involving millions of contractors and young people – and the findings were eye-opening.

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