Unbeatable talent: How athletes can help companies to stay ahead of the game

Unbeatable talent: How athletes can help companies to stay ahead of the game


It may not come as a surprise that 77% of CEOs believe that the biggest threat to their business growth is the unavailability of key skills. Research suggests that the global talent shortage could cost firms nearly $8.5 trillion in lost revenue by 2030. In this business environment, where companies compete across sectors and industries for a decreasing number of viable candidates, hiring managers are often on the lookout for new sources of talent.

Elite and professional athletes could provide a unique solution.

Athletes can bring fresh thinking and a unique set of skills to organisations. Based on an extensive literature review and in-depth interviews; a study by the Adecco Group in collaboration with Longitude, provides insights about athletes’ talent, treats and how to leverage them in an evolving work landscape. The research, has identified eight “hidden” attributes that deliver real value for the organisations that hire them. Athletes are often:

  1. Analytical
  2. Resilient
  3. Passionate ambassadors
  4. Positive disruptors
  5. Creative thinkers
  6. Persuasive communicators
  7. Business-minded
  8. Natural publicists

These attributes matched with athletes’ diverse experiences, make them an unbeatable source of talent, in an increasingly talent-scarce world. We see athletes as one of the groups that can help businesses make the most of the opportunities presented by the future of work.

One of the biggest findings is this: Companies that hire athletes increase their chances of staying ahead of the recruiting curve.

Yet few companies have capitalised on the value of, or have a process for recruiting, athletes. Awareness on both sides is still relatively low, and sportspeople and businesses alike are missing out on valuable opportunities. Because of athletes’ atypical backgrounds, hiring managers often automatically overlook them. And athletes often overlook opportunities in the corporate world because they may not realise how applicable their skills are.

So, how can your business tap into this unbeatable talent-pool? Learn more by reading the full report.

Bridging the Gap: empowering athletes worldwide

In order to create awareness, we need more exposure on both sides through local and global initiatives, and programmes.

At the Adecco Group, we believe athletes’ resiliency and ability to learn new skills make them the perfect candidate for an evolving work-landscape. We envision a world where athletes are recognised by employers as an unbeatable talent-pool achieving meaningful employment.

Through cooperation with Athlete 365 Career + and the IPC Athlete Career Programme; a holistic programme model has been developed supporting over 45’000 athletes worldwide over thirteen years. The programme empowers athletes to maximise their education and employment opportunities and helps them stride confidently into a dual or post-sports career. It supports athletes at all stages of their career, helping them discover their potential and plan for their life beyond the world of competitive sport through a blend of advice, training and peer-to-peer learning.

Supporting athletes aligns with our mission of helping talent and employers to connect, adapt and prosper.

Want to learn how can your business can tap into this Unbeatable talent-pool? Read the full report.

For more information on the report contact: media@adeccogroup.com

Learn more about the eight key traits in The Athletes Report

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