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Free coronavirus screening app, New Zealand nudging towards a 4-day working week, US jobless claims rising and the green revolution in transport creating 15 million jobs. These are the topics dominating the TOP 5 news from the world of work.

Universal Basic Income, youth unemployment and virtual internships are among the top 5 trending topics in the world of work this week.

Working remotely means working overtime, the EU unveils guidelines on how to safely return to work, ILO warns that half of the world’s workforce is at risk of losing livelihoods and the importance of reskilling in the COVID-19 economy. These are some of the topics that dominate this week’s TOP 5 trends from the world of work.

In this week’s TOP 5 trends from the world of work we reflect on how companies have evolved in their approach to sustainability, how they are planning to re-open their businesses, and why European governments need to act to avoid the loss of 60 million jobs.

The economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic are now coming into focus, highlighting the challenges that businesses and governments will face. This week's links look at the scale of the problems we face, from employee burnout to mass unemployment among some of society's most vulnerable groups.

The COVID-19 pandemic once again dictates the week's news agenda. There is a growing case for a renewed social contract in the aftermath of the virus, a new report says that companies will have to respond to accelerated workplace changes and a comparison of the workforce between the 1918 flu pandemic and today's outbreak shows a changed society.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a "defining leadership moment", according to one new report, while a survey of Americans sheds light on the demographics of home-workers. Those reports - and more - make up this week's news roundup.

The Covid-19 pandemic and its consequences continue to dominate our update on stories from the world of work. This week we look at which sectors have been hardest hit and which are still hiring, as well as the businesses that are shifting production to essential supplies.

This week's round-up of must-read articles about the world of work focuses entirely on Covid-19 and its effects. Circumstances are changing rapidly, and the articles below give you a sense of just how fast.

In this week's round-up: young people aren't getting the right skills, Elon Musk says colleges are just for fun, it might be time to shorten the work day and micro-breaks improve your wellbeing. But first, inevitably, we begin with the coronavirus.

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