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As the global economy is expected to shrink this year and the crisis continues to impact millions of workers, we look at how some companies embrace virtual work at a time when many employees fear its effects on their mental health.

While much of the news continues to be dominated by the pandemic, this week’s trends also touch on the issue of mental health ahead of the World Mental Health day.

This week’s news is dominated by the impact of COVID-19 on young people, women and airline jobs as well as by Spain’s decision to expand its furlough scheme.

This week’s selection of TOP 5 news is dominated by job cuts in the financial sector, other jobs being created by 5G, and the question of how many employees work from their offices.

From the OECD’s economic outlook, keeping your remote workers happy, Amazon’s promise to employ additional 100,000 people, Australia’s reskilling programme to Americans turning into freelancers. These are the stories dominating this week’s news from the world of work.

This week's selection includes news on falling unemployment in the US, the K-shaped recovery and Gen Z using technology to kick-start their careers.

This week’s selection of TOP news includes LinkedIn’s 20 most popular online courses of the year, Scotland’s youth guarantee and the four-day week gaining prominence.

This week we look at Finland’s attempt to shorten working days, vocational training taking a hit due to COVID-19, and how remote work impacts the local economy and workers.

From global trade going local, tips on how to stay productive, to most of us being under pressure due to financial stress, these are some of the topics dominating this week’s TOP 5 trends from the world of work.

From the acceleration of automation due to coronavirus, the office being recognised as an equaliser among workers, to what worries young people the most. These are some of the stories that have been trending in the world of work this week.

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