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In this week’s Top 5 trends from the world of work, we find a study that shows unhappiness with working during holidays is all in the mind. Samsung’s profits soared, driven by lockdown while Siemens places trust in employees to deliver results in the new working paradigm.

Facebook workers get a work from home offer – and a warning - from CEO Zuckerberg. Major airlines request permission for take-off to curb job cuts. A jobs bonanza for nannies… with COVID-19 antibodies, the pain and pleasure of being a perfectionist and a plan to boost gender parity in Latin America. All these stories make the headlines in this week’s trends from the world of work.

From the downsides of remote work to virtual summer internships, and the impact of COVID-19 on our work/life balance. These are some of the stories dominating this week’s TOP 5 trends.

This week’s trends from the world of work focus on the benefits of working from the office, why it’s time to rethink work schedules, and why mental health of finance workers has deteriorated due to COVID-19.

The UK government will unveil an economic recovery plan that might benefit young people, 60% of Millennials and Gen-Zs would like to work remotely more frequently post-COVID and workers under 25 are most likely to work in jobs where physical distancing is not an option. These are some of the topics dominating this week’s trends from the world of work.

Why are young people so optimistic about the future? Are apprenticeships in the UK fit for purpose, what’s the one quality CEOs look for in remote workers and what does the future of work look like? Read this week’s top trends from the world of work.

COVID-19 will lead to a major IT infrastructure upgrade, travelling for work is slow to take off, Microsoft wants to give employees the option to work from the office, small talk can make you feel better and younger leaders are more trusted. These are the topics dominating this week’s news from the world of work.

How to take concrete steps to promote equality, June as Pride Month, the reskilling revolution, the rise of e-commerce and the prolonged recession; these are the topics dominating this week’s TOP 5 trends in the world of work.

Reskilling of workers, the economic impact of COVID-19 on developing countries, why 30% of students are reconsidering their career paths and why you might be missing your commute. These are some of the topics dominating this week’s trends from the world of work.

MIT makes the link between automation and inequality, the US recovery may be quicker than we thought, Google wants its workers back in the office, the International Labour Organization warns not everyone can benefit from remote work and the EU Commission proposes a recovery package worth €750 billion. These are the topics dominating the world of work this week.

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