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Last month, the World Economic Forum’s Jobs Reset Summit brought together more than 1,000 leaders from business, international organisations and government.

For workers to remain competitive and secure life-long employability, it is crucial to invest in their reskilling and upskilling.

As organisations prepare for new ways of working and define their post-COVID-19 objectives, priorities and strategies, it has become clear that there is a significant gap between the expectations of business leaders and those of workers in terms of the post-pandemic workplace.

With the rapidly changing world of work, how can companies change their recruitment philosophy to access the best talent?

Each year on World Mental Health Day, 10 October, we are reminded of the importance of mental health in our everyday lives. Amid COVID-19 and the subsequent transformation of our work lives, we now have a great opportunity to integrate better mental health practices into our workplaces and our work relationships. One way to do so is to focus more on building Emotional Intelligence.

COVID-19 and the shift to remote work (and remote life) have caused professional networking to become completely virtual. Here are our top five tips for successful networking while remote.

Agile workers - those committed to skilling, reskilling, upskilling - will be in the best position to be attractive and suitable for the jobs of tomorrow.

In today’s rapidly digitalising, globalised world, diversity and inclusion in the workplace has never been more important.

Young people have been negatively impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. How do we ensure they don’t turn into the lockdown generation?

What happens when you virtually connect hundreds of experts on the world of work and bring them into one digital space for 24 hours?

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We need a new social contract for work in the 21st century.

A changing, diverse world of work is creating exciting opportunities for all. How can we make all forms of work sustainable and secure for individuals and business alike?

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GTCI 2020

Global Talent in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

The GTCI is an annual benchmarking report that measures the ability of 132 countries and 155 cities to grow, attract and retain talent.

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