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The skills gap dominates this week's round-up of stories from the world of work. We look at how it affects the bottom line and some of the ways businesses and governments can tackle it.

There remains a gap between what students think they will need to succeed and what’s actually required in the workplace.

The changing world of work massively increases flexibility for employers and workers but not without costs. To make the best of the opportunity we need to rethink the social contract.

Employees increasingly expect companies to do more than generate profits and pay their salary each month. They seek a sense of purpose, wanting to work for companies that help improve society and the world at large.

An unconsidered aspect of the coronavirus emergency, fighting burnout with teamwork and the effects of loneliness are among the themes in this week's must-read articles from the world of work.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6OPaOyTmaM Can workplaces be healthy? Workplaces around us aren’t as healthy or happy as they should be. So says Julia Hobsbawm, Professor of Workplace Social Health, Cass Business School.  The figure...

Six countries’ skill-building programs and policy initiatives in the age of automation.

It's easy to take skills such as empathy for granted, but in the age of automation, it's soft skills that will separate human workers from the robots.

Apprenticeships can be about more than training the next generation, according to a panel of private sector experts. They can also form the foundation of long-term business success and help instill a culture of lifelong learning.

There is no need to fear digital developments in the workplace. If implemented correctly these new technologies could revolutionise the way people work and make societies not only more productive, but happier.

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We need a new social contract for work in the 21st century.

A changing, diverse world of work is creating exciting opportunities for all. How can we make all forms of work sustainable and secure for individuals and business alike?

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