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In Sinek’s opinion, a world of instant gratification has devalued the meaning of time and steady achievement.

The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly changed our world and the way we do business. But while the crisis is expected to usher in a new era of work, dominated by physical distancing, remote work, national supply chains and digitization, there is some danger that the road towards the future will be paved by a prolonged and jobless recovery. To mitigate this threat, and as we emerge from this pandemic, governments have a unique opportunity to show leadership by taking appropriate measures.

Free coronavirus screening app, New Zealand nudging towards a 4-day working week, US jobless claims rising and the green revolution in transport creating 15 million jobs. These are the topics dominating the TOP 5 news from the world of work.

We are all in the same storm, but in different boats. COVID-19 has hit minorities hardest and as leaders reshape business in the wake of the pandemic, how should the role played by diversity and inclusion evolve?

While technology is often viewed as the catalyst for transformation, culture is the factor that determines whether it is successful.

The coronavirus crisis has been a major wake-up call for the world of work. But while our economies have temporarily slowed down, the pandemic itself has paradoxically accelerated the future of work. Building on the lessons we have learnt in the past months, we have a unique opportunity to turn the current challenges into opportunities that will work for everyone.

From jobs and career fairs, recruitment, scheduling assistants to onboarding, the HR landscape has been transformed by COVID-19 and become more virtual.

According to psychologist Amy Cuddy, it takes just a two-minute exercise to release the hormones needed to convey the right impression to a recruiter. Because the body can condition the mind and not just the other way around.

Universal Basic Income, youth unemployment and virtual internships are among the top 5 trending topics in the world of work this week.

It's vital that businesses play their role in supporting the most vulnerable as the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic – not only because it is morally right but also because more diverse companies are more agile, creative and adaptive to change.

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We need a new social contract for work in the 21st century.

A changing, diverse world of work is creating exciting opportunities for all. How can we make all forms of work sustainable and secure for individuals and business alike?

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GTCI 2020

Global Talent in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

The GTCI is an annual benchmarking report that measures the ability of 132 countries and 155 cities to grow, attract and retain talent.

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