The world of work must unite to improve labour market legislation, access and rights to make the future work for everyone, according to Adecco Group CEO Alain Dehaze.

In a blog to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the World Employment Confederation (WEC), the Adecco Group’s CEO reflects on the development of the industry over the past 50 years. Dehaze calls for collective action by the industry, governments and unions to adapt as megatrends such as skills imbalances and the gig economy shape the future of work.

“The role of our industry, and of the Adecco Group as its leader, is to help define the answers to these challenges, and to create better functioning labour markets,” Dehaze writes. “As our industry has matured into the responsible sector that we are today, we stand ready to play our part, and we continue to act as labour market enablers”.

The CEO of the Adecco Group, which is a founding member of the WEC, highlights WEC’s five policy recommendations for the world of work:

  • Access for all: Secure equal and full access to the labour market through diverse forms of work

  • A fair job for all: Guarantee meaningful and decent working conditions regardless of an individual’s work contract

  • Towards a new social deal: Implement modernised social protection schemes to reflect new workplaces

  • Skills for jobs: Equip every worker with the skills he or she needs to succeed in the labour marke

  • Responsible intermediation: Enforce a level playing field between labour market intermediaries 

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