Adecco Group, the world’s leading provider of Human Resources solutions,today announced the ten young talents selected as finalists for the ‘CEO for One Month’. The programme was designed to give young people much needed work experience at a time when youth unemployment remains at unacceptably high levels. Between August 12 and 16, the ten will join the final selection phase and one will have the unique opportunity to become the ‘CEO for one month’, under the direct supervision and mentorship of Adecco Group CEO, Patrick De Maeseneire.

Employment prospects are dramatic for young people all over the world but above all in Europe. Today, despite the fact that the economy has slowly been recovering, in Spain and Greece every second young person is unemployed. This is why the Adecco Way to Work™ programme was launched: to reach out a helping hand to a generation at risk of exclusion from the workplace. As lack of experience remains one of the main barriers to the entry of young people into the workforce, the Adecco Experience provided career guidance and meaningful one-month job placements to improve young people’s employability and help them take their first steps onto the career ladder.

During the month of July, the Adecco Experience placed 88 young people in internships in some of the world’s leading companies, thanks to over 70 of Adecco’s clients who shared the vision. The youngsters were given the chance to learn key workplace skills in a wide range of roles across a variety of sectors. Forty-six of these talents had the further ambition to put themselves forward as ‘CEO for one month’: a unique opportunity to be mentored by Adecco Group CEO, Patrick De Maeseneire.

Thanks to their performance on the job, the host companies’ evaluation and the way they shared their experience with their generation through social media, 10 candidates earned their place in the final selection phase. The ‘CEO for One Month’ Boot Camp will take place between August 12 and 16 in Zurich. The group will face a series of interviews, business assignments and challenges to test their soft skills and fit for the role. During September, the successful candidate will be given business assignments, will travel with the CEO and learn how to run a Fortune 500 company with over 31,500 employees and more than 650,000 associates around the globe.

The ten young candidates in the running to be selected as Adecco Group ‘CEO for the month’ are:

Mohammed Assad , Netherlands – Adecco Experience job as Country Finance Manager at Adecco Netherlands

Silvia Bizubova , Slovakia - Adecco Experience job as Integrated Supply Chain Specialist at IBM

Adam Boardman, UK – Adecco Experience job as HR & Marketing at Oxley Developments

Andrew Chu , Taiwan – Adecco Experience job as Event Coordinator at Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee

Allegra Guardi , Italy – Adecco Experience job as Internal Communication manager at Lombardini SRL (Gruppo Kohler)

Benoît Hommel , France – Adecco Experience job as Human Resources Assistant at Hewlett Packard

Adharsh Kumar , USA – Adecco Experience job as Marketing Coordinator at ANN Inc.

Elena Ollendiek , Germany - Adecco Experience job in Sales & Marketing at MISUMI Europa GmbH

Paola Ospina , Colombia – Adecco Experience job as Marketing Manager at Adecco Colombia

Aurora Petrel , Spain – Adecco Experience job as Experience Manager at IKEA