The Adecco Group, the world’s leading provider of HR solutions, today revealed the ten young women and men who have reached the final round of the selection for ‘CEO for One Month’. Chosen from more than 54,600 applicants from across the world, they were shortlisted among the 50 ‘CEOs for One Month’ who have worked with the Adecco Country Managers in their country of residence. Only one will gain the unique opportunity to work alongside Adecco Group CEO Alain Dehaze in running a Fortune 500 company with more than 33,000 employees in 60 countries .

The 10 young talents come from Greece, the USA, France, Slovenia, Vietnam, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Italy and the Netherlands. The selection process now moves to Amsterdam, with a boot camp starting on September 6 where they will face a set of individual and team tasks reflecting ‘real-life’ daily business challenges. The top 5 will then proceed to the final interview. The successful candidate will spend one month working with Alain Dehaze, getting a taste of how to run the world-leading company in HR solutions. At the end of the experience, the Adecco Group will offer the candidate a position in line with his or her seniority and aspirations.

Young people have been the worst hit by the effects of the recession on the labour market, with youth unemployment rates reaching peaks close to 50% in some European countries. However, in the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ we live and work in, a host of new jobs are being created that require new skills and profiles. 40% of employers state that they are unable to find the right skills for their business and a recent Adecco Group survey, ‘Young People and Work: Dreams and Readiness’ , indicates that young people believe work experience is the most significant factor to gaining employment. It is crucial to ensure that they are ready with the hard and soft skills the labour market demands.

Now in its 6th year, ‘CEO for One Month’ is part of Adecco’s Way to WorkTM, the Adecco Group global initiative to support young people at the beginning of their careers. Through Way to Work, the Adecco Group provides internships and apprenticeships (over 5,000 between 2015/2016), career guidance, training, and the chance to become the ‘CEO for One Month’.

Launched in 2011, the ‘CEO for One Month’ has proven to be a gateway to future professional success. In 2016, the programme elicited a record 54,600 applications. 50 ‘CEOs for One Month’ worked alongside the Adecco Country Manager in their country of residence, learning from client meetings, business cases, as well as public events - a unique experience to boost their skills, confidence and employability. All the 50 will be offered additional professional opportunities.

Alain Dehaze, Adecco Group CEO, said:

“Young people encounter great challenges at the beginning of their careers. Gaining meaningful work experience early can make a real difference to their futures, and we are committed to boosting their employability through Adecco Way to WorkTM and the ‘CEO for One Month’. I thank all ‘CEO for One Month’ 2016 participants for joining the programme and being an inspiration to us and I look forward to welcoming this year’s successful candidate to the Adecco Group team .”

The 10 final candidates on their way to the boot camp are:

Eva Adosoglou, Greece

Courtney Berger, the USA

Camille Clément, France

Ana Čuk, Slovenia

Phuong Hai Dang, Vietnam

Jan Hupskens, Germany

Sera Kazmi, United Arab Emirates

Ana Inés Montanari, Argentina

Filippo Principi, Italy

Larissa Termorshuizen, the Netherlands