We can take and update your recruitment processes and enhance your brand as an employer. Our dedicated recruitment team acts on your behalf, whether in a flexible manner at your premises or at our own locations close to you. 


What does RXO stand for?


You may be familiar with the abbreviation RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing). This describes the process of outsourcing staff recruitment to an external service provider. This focuses not only on filling vacancies promptly, but also on setting up, administering and optimising HR management in the customer's company. 


More than just part of a "process" 


With the support of the latest state-of-the-art technology, we streamline the path that candidates go along whenever they apply for a job at your company. Our aim is to make the entire process from recruitment to appointment a positive experience. This is why the word "process" has been replaced by the term "experience".


Is RXO the right solution for your company?


Don't you have your own talent pool and isn't your employer brand established on the market yet? Therefore, are you incurring substantial expenses for using different recruitment agencies? We can help you introduce more coherence in terms of your current recruitment processes and update them using technology. This also provides you with an overview of your HR requirements.

With our Recruitment eXperience Outsourcing solution, we offer you an extensive portfolio of services for implementing all the processes involved in hiring new employees. We ensure that you will have available in the long term highly-qualified candidates who would like to work for you. We will also take on the entire recruitment and administration process. You will benefit from the latest recruitment methods and considerable cost-savings.

Benefits you gain at a glance:

  • Customised recruitment strategy
  • Use of the latest technologies for better recruitment
  • Completely easing the load on your HR department
  • Setting up and maintaining a talent pool of specialists
  • Consistent candidate experience
  • Efficient cost management