Project placement is a flexible solution for personnel management in your company. We can provide you with highly qualified specialists to offer selective support in carrying out your projects. This enables you to benefit from our know-how and deploy specialists in a targeted manner when you really need them. We retain responsibility for the entire administrative process, saving you valuable time and money and allowing you to concentrate fully on your core areas of expertise.

Overview of the operational process

Our first step is to define the workload and estimate how much time and resources a project requires. We then take over the entire recruiting process: We will find the right specialists for your needs and introduce them to the relevant areas of responsibility. These employees are permanently employed by us for the entire duration of the project and benefit from all the conditions that apply to our own internal employees - including training opportunities and additional company benefits. We ensure the quality of the work done at all times by remaining in constant communication with the employees in placement and by managing project progress on site where necessary.

If you are satisfied with the performance of the employees we provide, you can redeploy them in another project after the first project has come to an end, or offer them a permanent position.

A complete solution package with monthly billing

All administrative, legal or financial requirements are clarified in advance. Nevertheless, it can sometimes happen that the monthly budget may change slightly over the contract period. That is why we issue our invoices on a monthly basis. These invoices cover all expected costs from regular salary, remuneration and insurance payments to one-off expenses such as travel costs or further training.

Benefits you gain at a glance:

  • Access to specialist professionals in the areas of life sciences, engineering, IT, etc.
  • Reduced risk when hiring new permanent employees
  • Perfectly predictable costs
  • Pin-pointed project support from experts
  • Greater flexibility and agility
  • Targeted development of know-how


Do you need specific expert knowledge to implement a project? We'd be happy to help.