Temporary staff are often a short-term problem. This is because factors, such as seasonal fluctuations, absences due to illness and organisational recruitment freezes, can result in a temporary shortage of staff. A rapid response is required in these situations to retain your company's competitiveness at the least. This is why we offer you a total solution package which will provide you with a simple, rapid stopgap for dealing with any staffing shortage.


Temporary staff: The rapid solution for dealing with staffing shortages


Have you often had to contend with short-term staffing shortages or do you use temporary staff in a strategic manner to plug gaps? Thanks to our abundant pool of candidates, we can provide you with technical staff in a quick, straightforward manner at any time. This means that we take over the entire process from selecting employees and signing contracts to setting them up on the payroll, thereby helping you smoothly continue to run your business.


Taking over the entire hiring process


As soon as you have commissioned us with the task, we will start the process by searching for suitable staff for you, the first step of which involves accessing our large pool of candidates. We also maintain regular, personal contact with our candidates. This enables us to know exactly who is right for your requirements so that the task can be carried out to your complete satisfaction. 

After the preliminary selection, we then conduct interviews and sign contracts with the successful candidates. In the run-up to them taking up their employment with you, we also prepare them professionally so that nothing will hamper successful cooperation.


Providing service beyond hiring temporary staff


Once the contract is signed, the service we provided doesn't just stop there. Even after applicants have been successfully placed with you, we look after the staff employed on a temporary basis in your company. We regularly request feedback, offer opportunities for further training and support them throughout the entire period of their employment with you. We also take care of the entire administration process, which will save you time and money too. 

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Major flexibility
  • Access to an abundant pool of candidates
  • Temporary stopgap for staffing shortages
  • Reduced administrative effort
  • Outsourced recruitment
  • Diversification of staff
  • Deployment of specialists when you need them

Are you facing the problem of short-term staffing requirements? If so, we are happy and available to provide you with a no-obligation consultation. 

Payrolling Service


You recruit and our payroll specialists take care of everything else. We take care of the hiring, administration and payment of your staff's wages so that you can concentrate fully on your core business. 

Project Placement

Project Placement

Project placement - or in other words project assignments - is a flexible solution for personnel management in your company. In this case, we provide you with highly qualified professionals who support you in the implementation of projects on a selective basis. 

Managed Service Program

Managed Service Program (MSP)

We take over the entire coordination of your human resources providers for you and your preferred suppliers continue to supply you with the sought-after candidates.