Trust us to handle the tasks that are not part of your strategic priorities, but are of crucial importance in the company's success. We can take responsibility for the final result, saving you valuable time and resources. The result: Long-term reduction in operating costs, avoidance of personnel shortages and a focus on your core business.


What does Business Process Outsourcing entail?


The term Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) describes the full or partial outsourcing of business processes to an external service provider. This is a suitable option for those areas of a company's business that are not directly related to its core activities. These are recurring processes that can be handled by a third party using standardised processes. The aim of outsourcing is to relieve some of the burden on the core processes and to save resources as a result.

Examples of BPO solutions from our service portfolio:

  • Administrative tasks: Archiving, digitisation and storage of documents
  • Maintenance and servicing of equipment, e. g. photocopiers, coffee machines or water dispensers
  • Customer service: Outsourcing of customer telephone support
  • Seasonal activities and special events: product launches, merchandising


The operational process


In the first step, our experienced process managers will analyse your processes and identify the interfaces with your core business. Using the data obtained, we will draw up a project evaluation and prepare a quote for you. Together we will produce an implementation concept and define the content of services and contracts. If necessary, we will take over the recruitment process and the training of new employees. We ensure quality through continuous project monitoring, including reporting.

Benefits you gain at a glance:

  • Our team of experts will take over all aspects of project organisation and coordination
  • You will benefit from our know-how and gain fresh impetus for innovation
  • Operational risks is transferred to us
  • Reduces the burden on your HR department and line managers
  • Improved process efficiency helps reduce costs
  • You will increase the effectiveness and productivity of your company


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