Together, we’re making a difference for disadvantaged children and young people. Kilometre by kilometre.

Win4Youth is a global charitable initiative by the Adecco Group. The principle is quite simple: we convert every kilometre covered by clients, candidates and colleagues into cumulative donations to the foundation Plan International.
Plan International is one of the world’s largest organizations working for children’s rights, gender equality and youth empowerment.
There’s a tradition of sport here at Adecco. Aside from the positive impact on health, it feeds our drive to surpass ourselves. At the same time, Win4Youth allows us to actively live our corporate values.

We embody team spirit. We swim, bike and run as a team.

We demonstrate client focus in that we also motivate our clients to actively engage in Win4Youth.

We show passion by working together with our clients and employees towards the primary goal.

We take responsibility and support the foundation Plan International, whose aim is to build a stronger future for young people.

We act with entrepreneurial spirit. Anyone can organise their own Win4Youth event and make a contribution.