We are a business of people for people. We play a key role in supporting employment and employability, enabling individuals and organisations to realise their potential by offering advice, training and employment opportunities.

Skilling and enabling workers

Rapid technological progress, social developments, environmental challenges, and accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, have created substantial talent shortages and new skills are required that are in short supply. We can help people develop and thrive in a changing world.

We envision a world where all people have the right skills to reach their full potential and to gain or maintain access to the world of work. As the leader in workforce transformation, we provide our customers with the means to successfully navigate their changing needs by improving their access to talent and skills. Leveraging the expertise of our Group’s 360° service offering, we go beyond providing jobs – we believe in the power of skills to ensure sustainable employment. Now is the time for organisations to foster a culture of lifelong learning and re-employment and for individuals to actively seek opportunities to build the skills they need. Underscoring our commitment to advance skilling everywhere we operate, we have pledged to reskill 5 million people by 2030.

While skilling enables individuals to sustain their employability in an uncertain future, skilling at a macro level is a key lever to fighting climate change and moving towards a circular economy. Whether it is about phasing out fossil fuels, delivering climate-friendly business practises, accelerating digitisation and automation, or new work models – we need skilful individuals to design innovative and responsible solutions – and corresponding, forward-looking skilling approaches across the larger workforce. By supporting individuals in acquiring the skills they need to succeed in the green economy and helping our clients to sustainably transform their workforce, we are able to make an impact at the core of the fight against climate change. Find out more in our white paper “Skills for the Green Economy”.

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Promoting inclusivity and diversity

When we say we are committed to making the future work for everyone, we mean everyone. As a people business, we put our expertise and energy into improving everyone’s chance of being part of the world of work. Our commitment is to equal opportunity for everyone working with, through or for us.

We believe in talent, not labels and focus on the diverse and unique skills our people bring, rather than e.g. their nationality, gender, race, age, background, religion, ableness or sexual orientation. As one of the largest employers in the world, we have a responsibility to make a real difference in the fight against racism and have an unwavering commitment to standing up against discrimination of any kind.

As an organisation, we are on a journey to ensure that all our services are accessible to all groups of individuals and that we have a culture that provides the training, support and engagement to our leaders and colleagues to drive forward inclusive processes and decision making. Through leveraging diversity, we can drive more innovative decisions significantly faster, truly understand and represent our global customers, and improve our company culture, employee satisfaction and ultimately productivity and performance.

To broaden our impact beyond our own organisation, we engage with workers, employers and public sector stakeholders across the world to develop programmes and pathways that embrace diverse talent, e.g. through dedicated programmes in France, Spain or the US. And we campaign for more inclusive employment worldwide through a range of global partnerships, associations and other initiatives.

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Attracting, engaging and retaining talent

Our success and business prospects are significantly influenced by our ability to hire, grow and retain the right people in the right jobs – for our own business and for our clients. We always want our people to thrive and have the opportunity to realise their full potential.

Our ambition is to set the standard as a world-class employer, investing in our talent and creating an environment where they can thrive. We want to enable and empower everyone to live up to their full potential and help our business and clients win. We work closely with our candidates, associates, and colleagues to anticipate and address their needs, recognise, and reward them for their commitment and dedication, and provide them with a career path.

We promote an open, fair, efficient, and collaborative way of working, and strive to create a culture that encourages initiative, empowers personal development, and inspires continuous improvement. We are proud to have been consistently ranked one of the world’s best places to work, according to the Great Place to Work® survey, reinforcing our reputation as one of the most attractive and rewarding global employers. For us, people come first and by empowering them we strengthen the success, resilience and innovation of our Group and ensure we are fit for the future.

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Driving responsible digital transformation

Digitisation for us is an opportunity to grow employment, enhance matching and reduce frictions that prevent people from entering the labour force. We are committed to driving this in an ethical manner to deliver the most value for companies and individuals.

Accelerated by the unprecedented disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic, digitisation is changing the world of work at an astonishing pace. More than ever, it has been highlighted that digital transformation – both in terms of infrastructure investments as well as the adoption of a truly digital mindset – is key to business continuity. The pandemic has forced us to take to the virtual world and re-imagine entire ways of working while ensuring that the human touch is not lost in the process. This is not just about repetitive tasks increasingly being performed by machines. It frees workers to focus on higher value-added activities and nowhere more so than in the HR services industry.

For the Adecco Group, process automation and the integration of artificial intelligence into our service offering, alongside the human touch, offers enormous potential to improve efficiency and create more flexible, tailored solutions. Our consultants are equipped with the most advanced tools, which are reducing administrative tasks, improving candidate acquisition, and increasing speed and quality of service. Likewise, digitalisation also significantly impacts our customers. Through a combination of internal ventures, partnerships and targeted M&A, we can drive productivity and create innovative new tools that allow us to upgrade existing solutions, expand our addressable market and create more value for both companies and individuals. At the same time, digital tools can enable more inclusion by helping people join the workforce who previously had limited or no access.

We are conscious of the opportunities as well as questions presented by the increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) in recruitment. While AI technologies hold great promise, it also needs to be ensured that e.g. algorithms do not replicate biases. If done right, AI could even help remove bias and ensure there is a more ethical process than without. That is why we are committed to considering material ethical aspects, from design to deployment, and with a strong emphasis on fairness. Find out more here.

The ubiquitous digitalisation of every aspect of life also poses challenges to data privacy. As we interact with thousands of employees, candidates, associates and clients across the world, every day, the security and privacy of data is a top priority for us. We continually invest in cybersecurity-related processes and systems. Our global data protection programme helps embed privacy in our day-to-day business operations, fully aligned with the changing global legal privacy environment, including the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our ultimate goal is to honour the trust of our customers and other individuals and organisations we serve.