Swiss Skills Shortage Index 2023: Ongoing shortage of skilled workers

The shortage of skilled workers reached a peak in Switzerland in 2022, yet there are few signs of the issue abating in 2023. Despite declining growth momentum due to the current economic slowdown, the skills shortage has increased by 24%, reaching record highs. Recruiting staff remains a challenge for companies. Vacancies for health specialists, IT experts and technical engineers are currently proving particularly difficult to fill. This is highlighted by the Swiss Skills Shortage Index published by the Adecco Group Switzerland and the Swiss Job Market Monitor project undertaken by the University of Zurich.

As in the previous year, the following category are experiencing the most acute shortage of skilled workers:

Top 5 Swiss Skills Shortage Graph  

In both German-speaking Switzerland and French and Italian-speaking Switzerland, the shortage of skilled workers has increased significantly compared to the previous year. While the shortage of skilled workers in German-speaking Switzerland has increased 28%, French and Italian-speaking Switzerland recorded a smaller but still significant increase, at 14%.



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