This paper compares government responses to the Covid-19 crisis over two timeframes, in order to identify the most effective policies.

Icon South Korea
South Korea has tamed the pandemic: the country outscores the others in scope on every level. Its economy has been relatively spared and is recovering confidently. The health system and citizens have remained insulated from the deadly virus and all of this with government spending on additional support measures at only 6.4% of its GDP. South Korea shares the podium with Australia and New Zealand, which also show remarkable management of the crisis.
Icon Singapore
Singapore has mastered the recovery: the country’s economy had the strongest economic upsurge, whilst having a relatively low number of Covid-related deaths and the highest vaccination rate, with 80% of the population being fully vaccinated against the virus.
Icon Protection
Protecting the people protects the economy: the countries that kept the spread of the virus under control and have successfully rolled out vaccination experience better economic performance and stronger recovery.
Icon Health Score
There is no correlation between the strictness of a country’s countermeasures and its health score: restrictive rules do not necessarily help contain the virus. It appears that what matters is to have reasonable and targeted measures. 
Icon Fiscal Measuer
Investing in fiscal measures supports recovery: the countries with the strongest recovery are also the ones that, since January 2020, have invested the largest share of their GDP in above-the-line support measures.
Icon Phase Out
A sudden or early phase-out of the support measures can jeopardise further economic recovery.