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Bird’s eyes view of the Adecco Group

During my third week as CEO for One Month, I got to visit the Headquarter and talk to people from Customer Experience, Compliance, HR, Strategy and many more. What really stood out to me was to experience the difference between this global perspective on the business at the Headquarter vs. the more operational view in the Front, Middle and even Back Office. I also learned about the challenges of acquiring an external company (Akka) and merging it with one’s own (Modis) to a bigger one (Akkodis) and how much strategic planning is needed to make it successful. However, the resulting synergies are all worth it, and make the company stronger in the long run!

It was also during this week that I learned one of the most important lessons: Do not underestimate your body’s need for rest and learn to say no when necessary. And it is okay to leave earlier than others during team-events and not to take on every (and even overlapping!) meetings. As a CEO, you need to be able to set the right priorities, both for the company and your own health. 

Working alongside Dick Boreel and shadowing him showed me how important trust and appreciation is, especially during times of big transformation and uncertainty. Trust, as in creating an environment so that employees feel comfortable to be open and honest and know that their leader cares about them individually. And trust, as in knowing that your employees are experts in what they do. 

This week was particularly learning intensive and got to know more about what it means to create a global strategy for M&A, as well as how it is carried out in the offices. I am excited to spend my next week with Andreas Rudolph at LHH Legacy. 


Quote of the week:

It’s not the goal that makes you happy, it’s the journey.'

Dick Boreel, Head of Akkodis Switzerland


The third week in pictures

CEO for One Month - Blogpost Week 3

With the global headquarter team. 

CEO for One Month 2022 - Blogpost Week 3 Akkodis

The Akkodis Switzerland team.