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Delivering a learning experience to create unity

Our client, a global leader in the pharmaceutical industry, had experienced rapid growth worldwide which resulted in different cultures and leadership styles emerging. They realised the need to standardise the corporate mission, vision and values to improve capabilities and retain key talent. So our task was to develop and deliver a new Leadership Academy to create unity in their culture. We identified that the new Leadership Academy should provide tailored programmes that would reinforce the company’s leadership principles and values, whilst delivering varied learning experiences.

We designed five tailored Learning Academy modules focused on empowering, inspiring, stimulating and motivating our client’s leaders across the globe to succeed, build sustainable competitive advantage and reinforce their leadership behaviours.

The Results

  • 200 managers took part in the first year of the programme
  • There was high participation and very positive feedback from participants
  • Increased engagement – 44% increase in response rate to employee surveys
  • Over a 5% reduction in turnover rate
  • Our client will be expanding the programme for the future