Managed Services Programme

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Let us optimise your contingent workforce management.

In today’s fluctuating financial climate, many organisations worldwide rely on employing a contingent workforce. After all, having people in place when demand is high is vital. Yet having the space to regroup and reassess in slower times is also key. We estimate that major global companies now have a 33% contingent workforce—a figure set to increase to up to 50% in some industries.

But managing that workforce can be a drain on internal resources, and that’s where our dedicated Managed Services Programme [MSP] can be invaluable. They allow for the effective management of contingent labour, ensuring that people are an asset and not a risk.

Bring us onsite to deliver optimum results

Our Managed Service Programme [MSP] solutions are just as forward-thinking and future-proofed. We can work with you to evaluate existing processes. Then tailor the solutions that will deliver cost savings. Better business intelligence and improved automation. Not to mention an optimised supply base. Find out more about Pontoon.

A technology solution for operational transformation

Our client had identified the need to replace its incumbent Managed Service Programme [MSP], which now needed to recognise and integrate regional differences.

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The world of work is changing fast – can you keep up? Contact our team to learn how we can help prepare your organisation for the future.

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