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Join AIESEC's Global Leadership Day

May 2021 
#GlobalLeadershipDay is AIESEC's 100% free virtual event that will be all about youth leadership and the future of work, specially catered for young people. Register today to get access to exclusive content by CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Youth Activists, Diplomats and many more in our 24-hour curated agenda, and also to receive a certificate.

Free Assessment: Building Resilience 

With the impact of COVID-19, resilience has become increasingly important. Agile resilience is a form of agility that can be maintained over the long term. This assessment will help you become more effective during change and quip you with insights on how to strengthen your agile resilience, boosting your personal development during these challenging times. For this assessment you will need to register by Monday, 12th April. Sign up below for the full details! 

Realistic Job Preview Quiz

If you're wondering what kinds of tasks you'll be faced with, our Realistic Job Preview Quiz offers a peek into what you can expect as a CEO for One Month. Take the quiz and you'll also get feedback about areas to thrive, improve, and prepare for the next step.  


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