Becoming Adecco Group's Global CEO for One Month requires dedication, a growth mindset, and the willingness to step out of your comfort zone. Meet our CEOs and learn about them and their journey to the top of the programme!

Joshua Sng Zhong Hao, Singapore & Global CEO for One Month 2022

Joshua Sng Zhong Hao is a Liberal Arts student at Yale-NUS College. With a keen interest in the role businesses can play to serve the societies they operate in, he took a gap year to dive into the world of business. This took him on a journey of learning how to build, scale and fund disruptive start-ups, to employing nascent blockchain technology for charity fundraising, and, finally to understanding how to steer a Fortune 500 business during his time as CEO for One Month at the Adecco Group’s Singapore office.

Laura Ionescu, UK & Ireland & Global CEO for One Month 2022

Post winning the global CEO for One Month programme 2022, Laura Ionescu continues to pursue her desire to serve as a spokesperson and representative for youth. Whilst pursuing a politics and international relations undergraduate degree in London, Laura has also been selected as a UN Millennium Fellow developing a civic education platform targeting corruption in Eastern Europe as well as Director of the Diplomacy Review – London’s largest international relations publication. Her dedication for social justice has seeped through during her time as UK & Ireland CEO for One Month and she is beyond excited at the challenges that lie ahead of her at just 19 years old.