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A ground-breaking initiative like this is bound to throw up a few questions. So, to hopefully answer yours and ease whatever might be on your mind, we’ve grouped together our most commonly asked questions for you to read through.


The CEO for One Month programme is an interactive experience, and you must be at at least 18 years of age at the time of application.

The Adecco Group offers you the unique opportunity to become the global CEO for One Month, under the direct supervision of the CEO of the Adecco Group, Denis Machuel.

The selected global CEO for One Month will get a taste of how to run a multinational company with 30,000 employees in 60 locations. The highly qualifying experience is a huge boost to any career!

“CEO for One Month” runs in more than 40 locations, where the first step will be for candidates to apply to become CEO for One Month in their location of residence, before making it to a shortlist of 10 top performers. Of the final 10 candidates, one will be chosen to become global CEO for One Month.

It's very simple. You can register here

It takes a really special individual to become a CEO for One Month of the Adecco Group, a Fortune 500 company with 30,000 amazing colleagues in 60 locations. For this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity we are looking for talented and ambitious individuals who prove they have the CEO attitude!

At a local level, each local team will run a selection process to shortlist the candidates with the highest potential, before choosing a Country winner for 2023.

During your local internship, all CEO for One Month Country winners will continue to be assessed in preparation for the next stage, the Global Challenges! 
You will complete various tasks alongside your global peers such as a face to face interview, innovation project, and a shark-tank proposal before ten finalists are chosen to progress to the Global Bootcamp. 


Applications for the 2023 edition of ‘CEO for One Month’ opened on January 24, and will close depending on your location of application’s deadline, which you can find here.

Once you fill out all the mandatory fields and submit your application, you are all set! Please check your email regularly for updates and at that point you will have the opportunity to upload your CV. You will then be notified of the next steps in the selection process as per the programme schedule. 

In most locations, the first step of the selection process is a set of online assessments. You will be invited to participate in those via email and will have approximately 7 days to finish them.

Invitations to the online assessments will be sent in 3 waves: by March 7-8 to candidates who apply before March 2; by March 20-21 to candidates who apply between March 2 and March 16 and finally by April 18-19 to those who apply after March 16. Please note that the last wave doesn’t concern all location as some won’t accept new applications after March 16, please see the list of deadlines here.

Based on your results, you will then be informed if you are advancing to the next round which will be different in every location, but mostly consists of interviews, case studies or various assessment centres.

Please note that the above does not apply if you are a CEO for One Month candidate for China, France, Japan, Mexico, Portugal or Taiwan. Those locations have specific selection processes, tailored for the local context. If you apply for any of those locations, you will be contacted by email by our local team after the local deadline.

Yes you can! Before you do, please make sure however that this is a viable option for you. All participants must have the necessary legal work permit to work in the location in which you wish to apply and be able to travel and legally reside there. Please do not apply for locations in which you are not eligible to work and reside in at the point of registration.

If you apply for the role outside of your location of residence, then you will be responsible for making your own travel arrangements. You will also be responsible for any costs you might incur in traveling to and staying in the location in which you have applied.

Yes, you can apply for more than one location if you meet the mandatory conditions: having the necessary residency and work permits and the ability to travel to all the locations you are applying in.

Please note, however, that you will need to file each application separately, using different email addresses and you will also need to go through the assessment process separately for each location you apply for. You will also need to cover any expenses related to your travel to each location’s bootcamp. As the selection process will overlap in all the participating locations, you might also be asked to prioritize one location over the others later during the process.

Yes! To edit your contact information or submit an updated version of your CV, simply access the registration page , input your email, edit any of the information you would like to update and upload a new version of your CV if you would like to. This will automatically update your profile, using your email address as an identifier. If you need to make any other edits to your application, please contact us at

The programme is entirely free of charge for all participants and is a paid internship!

Please note however, that we are not able to reimburse you for any travel expenses you might incur when travelling to your local bootcamps, especially if you applied for a location that you don’t reside in. Accommodation and travel to and from the global bootcamp is covered for all participants.

The CEO for One Month Academy will be made available to you shortly after your location of registration will close for new applications.

During the months of June and July, the lucky Adecco Country CEO for Month will work alongside the CEO or other top positions in Sales, HR, Marketing etc. of the Adecco Group of other subsidiaries companies within the location where they applied. During this month, the CEOs for One Month will continue to be assessed in preparation for the next stage! Oh, we should also mention that you'll not only be gaining valuable experience, but you'll receive a salary during this month!

The top 10 Country CEOs for One Month will be invited to join an exciting global bootcamp in a major city. This will be all expenses paid. During the global bootcamp, the 10 finalists will be assessed through various individual and team challenges. Of these 10 candidates, 1 will be selected to become the Adecco Group global CEO for One Month. This announcement will take place at the end of the bootcamp.

You can see the closing dates for each location here. Please note that regardless of your location of application, the registrations close on 11:59 CET (Central European Time) of that day.

As the world’s leading provider of HR and Talent Management solutions, the Adecco Group benefits from finding and nurturing talent all over the world.

It is necessary for us to stay in touch with the future workforce, to understand what skillsets, abilities, and preferences the next generation of workers will bring to the table.

Organizing initiatives like “CEO for One Month” or ‘Experience Work Day,’ we learn about the future talent as much as you learn from taking part in them, and we use this knowledge to predict and prepare, and share the coming trends to ensure we can make the future work for everyone. 

Due to the structure of the “CEO for One Month”, we are only able to organize the programme in locations where the Adecco Group or any of its commercial affiliates are present.

Additionally, we carefully consider the broader context in each location to ensure participation will be safe and enriching to everyone involved. If at any point we are not able to guarantee the necessary conditions in a particular location, the programme may be postponed or cancelled at any point.

Yes, you will receive a salary both as a Country and Global CEO for One Month. On the local level, your salary will depend on local conditions in the location you applied for.