The one-month initiative that's now 8 years strong!

A big part of our drive to help young people is Adecco's “CEO for One Month” initiative. It’s a work experience opportunity like no other that’s globally recognised and appeals to candidates from all corners of the world. It’s now in its 9th year and it offers you the chance to develop and showcase your leadership potential. To learn what it takes to succeed as a business leader and to acquire the skills and the experience needed to get your foot on the career ladder. In fact, you’ll not only walk in a global CEO’s shoes, you will take home their salary too. No wonder it’s such a popular programme! 


With around 200,000 applicants each year, each location participating will select a candidate to shadow the Adecco Group's local-level CEO for one full month, working side-by-side them to experience the life of a senior business leader. In the last 7 years, almost 300 candidates have had this amazing opportunity. Some have even gone on to receive placements with some of our global clients.


What to join them and upskill your careers and learning? Don’t delay, apply today. 

But we’re more than just world renowned recruiters

The Adecco Group isn’t just here to help with all your typical recruiting and staffing needs. You might be surprised to learn that we have a wide range of brands and global companies that cover topics and important areas, such as sustainability, well-being and refugee recruitment support in Ukraine.


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Diversity & Inclusion

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Working together

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