Employability Training:

Tailored career transition workshops.


Individual career advice.


Tailored career coaching.


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Athlete Employability Assessment

Helps athletes realise their potential and preferences to support transition into the workplace.


Enables athletes to articulate their unique skillset and core attributes to tailor their own individual career transition solutions.


Provides athletes with access to webinars and career coaching to better understand their potential and plan for the future.


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Athlete Talent Resource Portal:

Digital career resources: employment assessments, profile building toolkit and job-readiness digital training and courses.


Profile visibility to employers: exposure to over 3500 employers worldwide.


Access to job opportunities: worldwide job board with over 800,000 opportunities across all industries.


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Working with the sports industry to provide successful career transition solutions for athletes beyond sports:

  • Career path design: supporting sports organisations in establishing athlete career transition programmes

  • Tailored to talent: Career transition workshops with fully customised curriculum to meet athletes’ unique needs

  • Skills for success: digital solutions, courses, assessments, and career coaching to provide organisations’ athletes with the key skills to transition into careers inside and outside the sport industry

  • Access to Athlete Talent Resource Portal: for your athletes and players

  • Retaining athlete talent: access to the Employer Digital Talent Exchange to connect with employers seeking to tap into athlete talent


Providing talent sourcing and recruitment support for employers with the use of advanced digital resources:

  • Focused needs assessment ensuring employer and athlete goals are aligned

  • Tailored process to establish an athlete hiring programme

  • Athlete sourcing model and personalised recruitment in selected markets

  • Digital Talent Exchange solution providing access to a global athlete talent pool

  • Providing HR capacity building within the Athlete Talent Management System

  • Promotion through the global athlete friendly employers’ network

  • Prioritising diversity and inclusion, leveraging athlete talent to enrich the workforce