Social Responsibility

Capturing opportunities in an emerging world of work

1 million

job seekers reached with Way to Work

Over €2 million

raised through Win4Youth since 2010

More than 28,000

elite athletes supported through ACP

Diversity & Equal Opportunities

At The Adecco Group we’re all about people. Our own people, the people we work with and the people we help into work every day. We understand that talent and potential comes from every section of society, regardless of gender, race, age or physical ability. That’s why we celebrate inclusion and champion Equal Opportunities.

Human & Labour Rights

This is an area which has become increasingly important to businesses in every sector, not least our own industry. We cannot ignore that there are issues to be faced, addressed and solved to the best of our abilities. Following UN policies and multi-stakeholder consultation, we have published our own guidelines to reflect what’s happening today and how we can all work to tackle and eradicate abuses.


Health & Safety

Our industry is unique in that we can’t control the workplace environments we place our candidates into. But what we can do is ensure that every candidate is selected, trained and equipped for the role ahead, whilst insisting on the highest standards of Health & Safety from employers. Including ourselves.

Training & Development

Globally around 7 million jobs don’t get filled, despite 200 million people being unemployed. This is largely due to a mismatch of skills versus business requirements. We help people to enhance their employability through training and development programmes and initiatives which grow their skills, their confidence and their career chances.